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Let there be no confusion:
Automated Power Systems is in no way related to, sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with
Arizona Public Service Company aka: APS, an Arizona based electric utility company.  

                                        Load Controller Features and Comparisons

Shopping for a quality energy management system?  Get educated before you make a decision
on which type to purchase. 
The comparison charts below may help.  Again, if you have any questions feel free to reach out
to us for answers.  We've been helping customers like you since 1981 and we can help you.
To schedule a site survey email us at lowerbillsinphx@gmail.com .
The comparisons below compare the Dencor Hawk model against two other popular systems.
What Inergy Systems charges for cloud access:
         Inergy Systems solar smart                          Inergy Systems annual cloud                          Inergy Systems Smart Panel five
             panel solar channel $100                                     access fee $99                                     year prepaid cloud access $400

   Note:  There are no annual fees with the purchase of a Dencor Hawk Load Controller.  Support is included.

We only carry the best equipment with a track record of performance.  Dencor has been designing and manufacturing
load controllers for over 40 years, not 4 years. 
Progamming and set up is included with factory support and the reliability, performance and ease of use is unmatched
in the industry.  Dencor may cost a little more but since you are investing in a device that controls your appliances and
the comfort of your home for decades is it not prudent to do it right the first time?
Between the track record of Dencor and our almost 4 decades of installations and service, why trust your comfort and
peace of mind with any other company?
Call now to set up a no cost site survey and talk with experts: 602 789 1699

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