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Let there be no confusion:
Automated Power Systems is in no way related to, sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with
Arizona Public Service Company aka: APS, an Arizona based electric utility company.
They bring you safe, dependable power.  We help you use it efficiently.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Demand?
Demand is the highest usage of electrical power during a given period.  For APS residential users, this time period is one hour.  For SRP customers
on the solar rate, the demand is calculated in 30 minute intervals.  You are charged for the highest electrical demand reached during the month. 
Demand is measured in time and in amount.  The typical measurement used 1000 watts or 1 kilowatt (kW) averaged per a given time period. 

Time periods for measuring demand range from 15 minutes (typically used for commercial rates) and 30 minutes (Salt River Project) or 60 minutes
(Arizona Public Service Company). 

The current new APS demand charge  is $17.438 per kW.   Reaching a demand level of 10kW would equate to a $174.38 charge during any 60
minute period during the on peak hours of 3pm-8pm Mon-Fri.
Salt River Project solar customers can pay as much as $33/kW once a demand level of 10kW is reached.  This means a $330 demand charge is 
charged in addition to how much power was consumed will be charged on your monthly bill. 
The chart bellow shows how many kW each appliance consumes and how controlling demand can have a serious financial incentive. 

Examples of kW loads in a residence:

Since the meter measures an average of power usage, adding the kW values above would not be how the meter reads your usage. 

What is a load controller?
A load controller is a microprocessor based control panel that is installed next to your main breaker panel.  It works by constantly measuring
the consumption and demand using sensors placed on the main feed lines. Then, your lifestyle (time of day hot water is used, times the HVAC
system needs to operate) and priorities are programmed into it.  As demand levels rise, the load controller sheds (turns off) appliances and
HVAC systems to maintain your chosen demand level. 
The lower you set the demand peak level, the more you save.   
Turn it to zero and you will have no hot water or comfort.  Set it to 15kW and save nothing. 

We can help you find and keep the lowest demand possible without affecting lifestyle or comfort. 
We've been perfecting this for 38 years.



Are they difficult to interface with?
The Dencor Hawk unit has an easy to understand App that can be used on your smart phone, tablet or PC.  Once installed you can easily monitor
and/or change the demand limit, run times and schedules. 
Unlike other load controllers that require changing thermostats for control, the Dencor Hawk and Solar IQ systems have a proprietary method of
controlling HVAC equipment. No external wires running up your exterior walls or having to buy expensive WIFI thermostats.

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We install the Dencor Hawk system which is reliable, easy to interface with and will provide decades of service.
The perfect choice for homes with or without solar systems. 


                                                                                                                            Lower demand charges means lower bills
                                                                                                     One of our recent Arizona Public Service customers bills before and after.
"Ok, I'm Interested, What's The Next Step?"
Schedule a site survey and we will come out to your home and show you how best to interface 
with the new APS rate "Savers Choice Max". or the SRP solar rate:  602 789 1699


"Two years ago you installed the load controller. On the averaging plan our monthly bill is now $154 and our highest single monthly bill has
been $225 over the the past two years. A savings of $1400 in just two years!
The load controller has been well worth the investment. I just wanted to thank you and let everyone know the savings are real."

JW Flint, Scottsdale, AZ

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